Best AMP futures platform

AMP futures stands out as a great brokerage option for futures traders. Particularly beginner traders. In this post I’d like to discuss what I believe is the best AMP futures platform available with the brokerage.

AMP futures support numerous platforms for free or at discounted rates. AMP futures offer some of the cheapest fees and commission of any futures brokerage. AMP is a great place to start if you are new to trading or an experienced trader wanting to reduce commission expenses.

Table of Contents

  1. AMP futures trading platforms
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of trading with AMP futures
  3. Best AMP futures platform
  4. TradingView
    1. TradingView key features
      1. Easy to use tools
      2. Good range of indicators
      3. Multi screen functionality
      4. Bar replay function
      5. On chart order execution and modification
      6. Attached orders
    2. Appearance
    3. Subscription options
  5. Sierra Chart
    1. Why I like Sierra Chart?
      1. Market replay simulator
      2. Comes with a huge range of indicators – Including Market profile
    2. Subscription options
  6. Summary

AMP futures trading platforms

AMP futures has an extensive range of charting software available. This is a great feature of the brokerage since it offers the flexibility to trial new platforms and tools without switching brokerages.

Some of the platforms available include:

See the full list of all the platforms available with AMP Futures.

Advantages and disadvantages of trading with AMP futures

For a full review of trading with AMP futures. Check out my recent post. ‘Best brokers for futures trading’. In this post I provide a full breakdown on why AMP is a good option for futures traders.

Best AMP futures platform

I’ve trialed and tested almost all the trading platforms offered by AMP futures. The following is my selection of the best AMP futures platform on offer by the brokerage.

Keep in mind that different traders are going to require different features from a trading platform.

These selections are targeted at discretionary technical traders wanting an initiative, feature rich and powerful trading platform.

I consider TradingView to offer the best all round user experience. If you’re a more advanced trader then Sierra Chart offers more advanced features tailored to your needs.

If you are an algorithmic trader. Consider MultiCharts. If you trade using Order Flow then JigSaw Trading offers features tailored for your needs.

In the follow I will discuss why I like TradingView and Sierra Chart as the Best AMP futures platform.


TradingView is my number one pick for beginner traders or anyone wanting an initiative and easy to use trading platform.

This is a beautiful platform. It runs smooth. Super easy to navigate and is packed with loads of tools.

TradingView offers the best user experience of any platform on the market.

Trading View – Best AMP futures platform for beginners – Clean and clear charts. Super easy to navigate charts and use tools

TradingView was the first platform I ever used and I still use it to this day.

It offers all the features and usability your going to need to get started.

If you signup for an annual Pro, Pro+ or Premium TradingView membership using the link. New users are eligible to get up to $30 towards new yearly plan and $10 towards monthly plans.

TradingView key features

Easy to use tools

My favorite feature on the platform are the tools. TradingView offers over 50 trading tools. They’re super easy to use, smooth, look great and have loads of customization features.

TradingView interface and tools are super simple to use

Good range of indicators

TradingView comes included with a good selection of indicators. These are easy to use and are presented beautifully on the chart.

The platform includes almost all of the most popular indicators. The only notable exception in a market profile indicator.

All indicators can be customized to your preferred style settings. All settings can be saved as templates.

Fibonacci retracement tool customized to preferred style settings.

Multi screen functionality

Being a browser based trading platform its as simple as opening an additional browser window on an additional monitor to build a multi monitor setup.

Its also possible to arrange multiple chart windows on a single monitor using the ‘layout selection’ tab in the top right hand corner of the chart.

This feature is only available with an upgrade to the PRO monthly subscription.

Simple and quick chart layout selection drop down menu

Bar replay function

The bar replay function allows market data to be replayed at anytime for back testing and simulation trading. This is a great feature of the platform. Something that not all platforms include.

This is a bar by bar replay function. Perfect for backtesting. Unfortunately if you like to trade replay data that simulates a live trading environment. Then currently TradingView doesn’t offer this capablity.

I’d like to see TradingView go one step further and build a more price sensitive replay function.

On chart order execution and modification

Whatever trading platform you decide to trade with. Make sure it includes this capability! On chart trading makes trade executions so much easier and efficient.

On chart trading allows traders to place trades directly on the chart. Instead of manually entering in prices in a trade execution panel.

With on chart trading exceuting a trade is as simple as right clicking where you want to place the trade. Select ‘Trade’ and place the order you want to execute. Orders can then be modified by dragging and dropping order flags.

On chart trading order execution – Popup menu and trade options

Attached orders

Attached orders is another function that I consider essential when choosing a trading platform.

Attached orders place additional take profit and/or stop loss orders when an entry order has executed.

The placement of these orders can be preset before executing your entry trade. Take profit and stop loss order remain active unless the original entry order is cancelled before execution. If either take profit or stop loss are executed the remain order is cancelled.

This is a great time saving feature. It also eliminates the chance for rogue orders being left in the market and being executed by mistake.

Attached order function – makes placing take profit and stop loss orders simple


TradingView is a beautiful looking charting platform. Charts are easy to read and well laid out.

The platform is easily customized for your preferred style settings. The platforms default settings are some of the best I have seen.

With TradingView its easy to build a fantastic looking trading Station.

TradingView default dark theme

Subscription options

The platform basic option is available for free.

But if your trading live then you definitely want access to the fastest market data. Which requires an upgrade to the PRO monthly subscription. If you want to use the market replay function for timeframes smaller than the Daily you’ll also need to upgrade.

  • Intuitive interface and easy to use
  • On chart trading with attached orders
  • Excellent drawing tools
  • Multi chart and multi monitor support
  • Access to multiple markets
  • Accessible via tablet or phone
  • Monthly subscription – No big upfront payment
  • 30 day trial period
  • No market profile indicator
  • No tick or volume bars
  • Bar replay function could be better

To get started using trading sign up to a free demo account here.

If you signup for an annual Pro, Pro+ or Premium TradingView membership using the link. New users are eligible to get up to $30 towards new yearly plan and $10 towards monthly plans.

Sierra Chart

If your looking for a feature rich platform with more features tailored towards intermediate and advanced traders. Then Sierra chart is an excellent option.

Sierra Chart main chart and interface

Sierra Chart is my trading platform of choice.

Whilst the platform doesn’t offer the same user experience, ease of use and stylish looks as TradingView. Sierra Chart offers several key features I like to use.

Why I like Sierra Chart?

Sierra chart offers several exceptional features:

Market replay simulator

Seirra Chart market replay is brilliant.

NinjaTrader was one of the first platforms to offer a simulator market replay function. But its clumsy and difficult to use.

Sierra Chart market replay is far superior.

It allows traders to access historic market data at any time to trade in a simulated environment. Data can be replayed at a selection of speeds from a specified start time and date.

It’s simple, fast and there’s no need to download historical data.

Sierra Chart market replay function – Very easy to use

Comes with a huge range of indicators – Including Market profile

Sierra Chart comes standard with a huge selection of indicators built into the platform.

Sierra Chart market profile indicator included with the upgraded package

Why I like Sierra Chart is it comes included with a good quality Market profile TPO charts in the upgraded package.

Subscription options

Sierra Chart is free to use through AMP futures for the standard package 3 option. If you want access the Market Profile TPO charts you’ll need to upgrade to package 5 for $25 USD.

  • On chart trading with attached orders
  • Excellent market replay function
  • Good drawing tools
  • Volume, tick and time based bars
  • Market profile indicator support
  • Multi chart and multi monitor support
  • Stable software
  • Access to multiple markets
  • Monthly subscription – No big upfront payment
  • Not the best looking charting package
  • User experience and interface a little clunky


TradingView offers traders a beautiful trading interface experience. Its charting is simple, clean and clear.

For trading strategies that don’t use Market profile, sim trade in real time and hold trades longer than a few minutes. Then I personally think TradingView is the best AMP futures platform for discretionary technical traders.

For a platform that offers Market Profile TPO charts and market replay simulated trading. I think Sierra Chart is an excellent platform option.

For algorithmic trading. I like MultiCharts. For Order Flow then JigSaw trading offers many features I think are really useful.

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