7 Best Forex Podcasts You Should Be Following (Updated 2023)

In this article I’ll review of what I believe are the 7 best Forex podcasts.

If you trade Forex and looking to improve your trading by learning from others in the business. Then listening to these podcasts can be a great way to gain key insights from professional traders.

In this post I’ll review each podcast. Provide information about where to listen, frequency of each podcast post and the general podcast style.

Where to Listen

Podcasts are a great avenue for traders to learn the ins and outs of the forex market. There’s a huge variety of options for how to listen to podcasts these days. However, not all these options provide broad access to most podcasts. For a centralized podcast library where they can access almost all the podcasts listed in this post is Podbean.

In a nutshell, Podbean is a centralized platform that hosts a huge variety of podcasts of different subjects including trading and investing. Each podcast page is intuitively organized. Podcasts can be simple dragged and dropped or downloaded directly to your device.

Podbean is free and available in both android and iOS as well as most website browsers. 

In this post, I will share my favorite forex podcasts and provide a concise summary on each. You can listen to all but one of the podcasts on Podbean. 

7 Best Forex Podcasts

1. No Nonsense Forex (Forex Q & A)

No Nonsense Forex – Best forex podcasts

Quick Look

  • Content: Forex 
  • Style: Q & A 
  • Episode Frequency: Weekly 
  • Episode Count: 82
  • Episode length: Around 15-20 mins per episode
  • Platforms: Website, YouTube Channel, Podcast, Blog, Twitter  and Podbean  
  • Start Date: June 2018

About the Podcast

The No Nonsense Forex podcast delivers on his moniker. The host based the philosophy of his podcast on a “no-nonsense” approach where he shares and tells ideas that go beyond commonly accepted concepts and conventional wisdom. Instead, the podcast focuses on those that the host believes actually work, cutting the nonsense that plagues forex education.

The Forex Q and A focuses on real questions submitted by actual listeners where the hosts aim to give concrete and actionable advice and guidelines. The No Nonsense Forex podcast is built with the goal in mind to transform listeners into real professional forex traders. 

Started in 2018, the Nonsense Forex went online on multiple platforms – its own website, YouTube channel, and the Forex Q & A podcast. 


Discussed topics essentially revolve around the questions raised by listeners which are predominantly indicators, tools, money management, and trading psychology. 

About the Host 

Patrick who is otherwise known as VP by his listeners has been a professional prop firm forex trader for a since 2014. He began trading in 2009. The No Nonsense Forex podcast is the product of VP’s trading experience. 

2. Chat with Traders

Chat with Traders – Best forex podcasts

Quick Look

  • Content: General trading
  • Style: Interview
  • Episode Frequency: Twice a month 
  • Episode Count: 204
  • Episode length: Around 15-20 mins per episode
  • Platforms: Website, YouTube Channel, iTunes  Soundcloud  and Podbean 
  • Start Date: January 2015

About the Podcast

One of the widely followed trading podcasts, Chat with Traders is just that – a podcast dedicated to delving into the minds of elite traders who share their zero to hero stories from all the failures to successes. Listeners are in for a treat – episodes are abundant and multi-perspective. 

The podcast is light using an interview style approach where the host asks a variety of questions, mostly starting with the journey of the trader. This gives listeners a chance to get to know the guest on a personal as well as professional level right from the onset. 

The traders interviewed are top tier who have actually made their respective marks in the market. All episodes very diverse, balanced with both male and female of varying nationalities, depth of experience, and professions in the trading sphere. From trading book authors, managing partners and prop firms, fund managers to simply traders trading with their own money – all coming together to deliver there insights into the world of trading.

The list of trading elite includes the likes of: John Moulton, Manoj Narang, Mike Bellafiore, Christina Qi –the list goes on! To check the full list, visit this page.   

With this diverse cast, any listener can easily find someone relatable and learn what to emulate from these pro traders. 

Chat with Traders is rated 4.9/5 stars out of 1.6k ratings on iTunes. 


Because of the diversity of the guests, the topics in the podcast have a wide, comprehensive range. Although quite wide, a central piece that ties all these together is the balance of lessons shared between mental capital/psychology/trader’s demeanor and systems (a mixture of technicals and fundamentals) 

According to Soundcloud statistics which tracks the number of play counts, one of the most popular episodes of Chat with Traders was Best of Trading Psychology Pt.1 (ep 199) and Pt. 2 (ep 200)

About the Host

Aaron Fifield is a professional trader at a proprietary firm in Sydney, Australia. His trading journey began in 2012 which transformed into something more serious in 2015 where he kicked off his podcast. For 5 years, Fifield has interviewed a number of traders and has generated a wide following of 11.3k in Soundcloud and 2.4k in Podbean. His learnings from the trade elites was summarized in his talk 6 Ways to Emulate Talented Traders

3. Desire to Trade

Desire to Trade – Best forex podcasts

Quick Look 

  • Content: Forex
  • Style: Interview
  • Episode Frequency: Weekly (every Monday)
  • Episode Count: 266
  • Episode length: Around 30-60 mins per episode
  • Platforms: Website, YouTube Channel, Program,  Podcast ,and Podbean 
  • Start Date: 2015

About the Podcast

The Desire to Trade podcast is built to help traders find their edge and eventual freedom in making a profitable career out of trading. This is touted as the main goal of Desire to Trade. 

The host, accompanied by the Desire to Trade team, interviews key figures in the trading world. Lessons are imparted by these winners sharing their stories and emulating their psyches and systems. 

Dubbed as the #1 Forex podcast as well as the podcast that has interviewed more guests than any other podcast, Desire to Trade goes beyond the usual sharing of show notes by providing  resources (e.g. case studies, videos, articles, trading plan, among others) on its linked website. The podcast forms one part of the Desire to Trade program. 

The Desire to Trade program provides an opportunity for podcast listeners to have free access to its comprehensive platform of learning – from blog, vlogs, academy, and of course, the podcast.  

Desire to Trade was featured in various media platforms including the Huffington Post, FX Trade Magazine, Forex Crunch, Forex School Online, Tradelife, among others. 

About the Host 

Etienne Crete, the face behind Desire to Trade, has the ambition to provide followers/ listeners a solid process that has proven results. He started trading currencies back in 2013 in Montreal, Canada. 

Crete began his career by keeping close ties with two trading mentors one of which is Alwin Ng. 

Etienne is currently an active swing trader and active adviser in the trading community through his Desire to Trade website and resources. 

4. Truth About FX

Truth about FX – Best forex podcasts

Quick Look 

  • Content: Forex
  • Style: Informational; Question and Answer
  • Episode length: Around 5-10 minutes 
  • Episode Frequency: at least once a month (no new episodes as of recent; last update: 2019)
  • Episode Count: 191
  • Platforms: Website,  Soundcloud,  Apple podcast, and Podbean 
  • Start Date: 2016

About the Podcast

Truth About FX is a short length format podcast. Each podcast averages around 5-10 mins.

Essentially, Truth About FX takes on an informational style of podcasting headed by the tandem of Hugh Kimura and Walter Peters. In this setup, Hugh asks the big questions while Walter gives his quick takes on the main topic of the episode. Hugh and Peters bounces off ideas from each other on essentially anything – concepts, ideas, strategies – that relates to trading currencies. 

Truth About FX, due to its short but sweet takes, is not content heavy on a per episode basis. It also doesn’t take a highly abstract/conceptual look on topics. Rather, Walter takes a personal and truthful approach in answering the main question. Impressively, the hosts stick to the main theme of that particular episode, rarely deviating from the topic. This helps ease the feeling of being overwhelmed and provides easy to digest takeaways.  

A helpful resource is the show notes – where a topic outline is given with its corresponding minute on the podcast. From the outline, one can easily see how the main topic is dissected. 

About the Host 

Hugh Kimura is the founder of a forex trading blog called Trading Heroes. Hugh is an active independent trader and is also a trading performance coach.

Walters Peters holds a PhD in psychology. He is also the author of Naked Forex: High Probability Techniques for Trading Without Indicators. Currently, Peters is an active professional forex trader with over 20 years experience in forex markets. He manages a forum for his trading community

5. The Forex Warrior

The Forex Warrior – Best forex podcasts

Quick Look 

  • Content: Forex 
  • Style: Informational, Interview
  • Episode length: Around 12-15 minutes 
  • Platforms: Website,  Apple podcast, Stitcher, and Podbean 
  • Episode Frequency: Weekly back in 2018 (no new episodes as of recent)
  • Episode Count: 19
  • Start Date: April 2018

About the Podcast 

“All forex, all the time”

Right from its slogan, the Forex Warrior is an educational podcast that answers crucial and interesting questions on everything forex. A snippet of questions raised: “Are Forex Traders Born or Made?” in episode 8; “Do You Have What it Takes to Trade Forex?” in episode 15. 

Essentially, the podcast is built with the goal of making the listeners learn from the mistakes of others. This podcast aims to instil to the listeners the way of the Forex Warrior – using every tool in the toolbox to expedite improvements. 

To mix it up and add perspective, the Forex Warrior also invites guests with vast experiences in trading forex. This gives an opportunity for the host to pick the brains of successful traders in the world of currency trading. Dr. Gospodarek Interviewing skills are excellent. He directs and manages the flow really well, making sure he extracts valuable information while keeping the listeners entertained. 

Similar to Steady Trade, the Forex Warrior podcast also provides comprehensive text articles per episode. The article defines, outlines and provides examples of the main concepts brought up in the podcast. This ensures listeners are prepared with at least a background of the episode subject. 

About the Host 

Dr. Jason Gospodarek holds a doctorate in optometry and is an active trader of the forex market for over 13 years. Dr. Gospodarek also provides educational material on his YouTube channel. He has in the past managed forex funds for hundreds of investors.

Dr. Gospodarek’s experience is quite varied and vast – he launched multiple forex related websites as well as developed automated trading strategies in MT4. 

6. Two Blokes Trading

Two Blokes Trading – Best forex podcasts

Quick Look 

  • Content: Forex and Cryptocurrency
  • Style: Informational, Interview
  • Episode length: Around 25-35 minutes 
  • Platforms: Website, YouTube, Discord, Twitter and Podbean 
  • Episode Frequency: Weekly (every Monday)
  • Episode Count: 159
  • Start Date: June 2016

About the Podcast

Two Blokes Trading is a fun, conversation-style and educational type of podcast that centers on the world of trading forex. The podcast, now headed by Tom and Brandon, delivers weekly content that aims to be the one-stop shop for trading needs – from forex analysis – technical as well as fundamental concepts. 

Content is comprehensive with interviews with key figures in retail trading, trading psychologists, prop traders, brokerages, hedge fund managers, among others. The content and advice from different disciplines is all geared towards the same goal: help you become a better trader.  

Other than interviews, Two Blokes Trading takes on the review of not only trading tools but also books, training courses, as well as other podcasts!

Some episodes are also dedicated to news-related moves that the hosts expect to move markets in the coming week. This gives traders the heads up on opportunities that they can actually partake. 

Essentially, Two Blokes Trading operates on the mindset that although the vast experiences of Tom and Brandon suggests that they are experts, they will always consider themselves as students of the markets. The podcast and website serve as a platform for them to share what they have learned with their listeners. 

Two Blokes Trading also offers other proprietary resources, such as trading education articles, conceptual articles, trading community, blog, and social media, that are excellent value add to the podcast.

About the Hosts 

Two Blokes Trading (TBT) is headed by the duo Tom and Brandon. 

Tom is part of the original TBT duo with Owen. Tom co-founded TBT and is also an active retail trader for 3 years. 

Brandon has been an active, full time trader since 2006. He brands himself as a forex fundamentalist and sentiment trader. 

7. The Trading Coach

The Trading Coach – Best forex podcasts

Quick Look 

  • Content: Trading, Investing
  • Style: Informational, Interview
  • Episode length: Around 10-20 minutes 
  • Platforms: Website, YouTube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Twitter and Podbean 
  • Episode Frequency: 2x a week 
  • Episode Count: 401
  • Start Date: March 2018

About the Podcast

The Trading Coach podcast talks all things trading and investing as well as entrepreneurship and personal development topics. The main host, Akil Stokes, takes on an impressive blend of fun and professionalism in conducting his podcast content. 

What the podcast does impressively is it takes the role of a Trading Coach and delivers it on every episode. Week by week, listeners are treated with a variety of topics that are all geared towards self-improvement. The podcast goes beyond the usual trading/technical concepts by also taking on non-trading perspectives on self-improvement. An example is the discussion of the importance of correct money perception in episode 400; the elimination of limiting beliefs in episode 390; and understanding the role of news events in your trading strategy in episode 391. 

About the Host 

Akil Stokes is a professional forex trader and trading coach. His educational channels particularly Twitter platform was awarded the 2018 3rd most helpful Trader. Stokes is also an entrepreneur and author for Entrepreneur & FX Trader magazine.

Bonus Podcast


Quick Look

  • Content: Stock market and trading 
  • Style: Informational, Interview
  • Episode length: Around 45-60 minutes
  • Platforms: Website,  Apple podcast, and Podbean 
  • Episode Frequency: Weekly/twice a week
  • Episode Count: 168
  • Start Date: 2017

About the Podcast 

Whilst not a Forex podcast – this one is worth a mention. Many of the ideas and concepts discussed translate well to forex trading. Especially those day trading forex.

The SteadyTrade podcast headed by the impressive trio – Tim Bohen, Kim Ann Curtin, Stephen Johnson – is a light and educational style podcast that takes a look at the life of stock market day traders and shares insights on learning how to trade profitably. Bohen, Curtin, and Johnson are all individually knowledgeable about the market and each offers their own unique perspectives of the topic. An interesting perspective is the dichotomy of perspective on trading from veteran trader Bohen and rookie student Johnson. 

SteadyTrade takes on a variety of topics about markets. Most episodes have bold topics – debunking myths, the downsides of trading (and how to get around them), common mistakes of trading (from the perspective of a real trader like Stephen). Oftentimes, the topic for that week offers relevance in current conditions of the market. In other episodes, one of the hosts, Stephen, shares the learnings he derived from his analysis of his trades of that particular week.  To provide further variety, SteadyTrade also brings in guests to interview. 

Notably, each episode is accompanied by an in-depth written text as well as resources like TED talks, blog posts or books that relate to the episode. This text article goes beyond typical show notes as it is oftentimes a stand-alone resource that already offers great value. 

Other than its usual episodes, SteadyTrade also dishes out mini episodes every week called T.W.I.S.T which stands for This Week in Steady Trade. Each T.W.I.S.T. episode is shortened to around 15-20 minutes and is headed by another trio Jack Kellogg, Kyle Williams, and Matthew Monaco. Topics in episode are more centralized on trade ideas.  

About the Host

As mentioned, the SteadyTrade podcast is headed by three unique individuals. 

Kim Ann Curtin is recognized as The Wall Street Coach. Curtin’s career consists of a decade worth of professional Wall Street experience. Currently, Curtin is an international executive coach and management consultant. Curtin is also the author of Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future and is consequently the founder of educational website TheWallSteetCoach.com

Tim Bohen was an active trader with over 10 years of his experience. He is now a day trading coach. 

Stephen Johnson started as a student of Tim Bohen and is now an active part-time trader living in Dubai. Compared to his co-hosts, Johnson’s experience is not as in-depth in number of years. He aims to document his development from rookie all the way to professional through his YouTube channel. 

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