How to choose the best height adjustable standing desk for day trading

Height adjustable standing desks are a fantastic innovation in workstation furniture. If you spend any decent amount of time working at your desk. Then definitely consider getting a quality height adjustable standing desk for day trading.

Height adjustable desks allow users to either sit or stand at their workstation. These standing desks are either manually operated or motorized.

If your building a new workstation or upgrading an existing one. A height adjustable standing desk will provide more flexibility for how you work. An adjustable standing desk also provide numerous health benefits.

If your looking for a high quality height adjustable standing desk for day trading. In my opinion the Uplift v2 is a beautiful high quality option packed with features. In this post I will discuss this and other stand up desks for day trading options.

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What is a height adjustable standing desk

Height adjustable standing desks are simply desks that allow users to customize the height of their working surface.

They can be either adjusted to sit or lifted to work standing.

Heights of these style of desks can be either adjusted with a hand winch or with an electric motor.

Benefits of a height adjustable desk

There are several key health and functional benefits of using a height adjustable standing desk.

  1. Height adjustable – Desk height in both the sitting and standing position is fully customizable. This allows different users to tailor their working height for the best ergonomic position.
  2. Reduce back pain – Studies indicate that people suffering from lower back pain can benefit from working in the standing position [1].
  3. Reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity – According to a study undertaken by the Center for disease control and prevention. Taking breaks in prolonged sitting time has been correlated with reduced risk of chronic disease [2].

What height should a standing desk be?

The beauty of using a height adjustable standing desk is the full range of customizations.

Height depends on the user comfort and ergonomics. The following are a set of general guidelines that can be used for sitting and standing heights:

How to set the correct sitting position

  1. Adjust your chair so your feet are flat on the floor and thighs are flat across the seat pan of your chair. Tilt backrest at 15 degrees from the vertical and seat pan at 5 degrees toward the chair back.
  2. To set your desktop height. Adjust the desk height so your forearms and wrists are horizontal and able to reach the keys without bending.

How to set the correct standing desk height

The principles for setting the correct height for a standing desk are the same for sitting:

When standing in an upright position. Raise the desk height so your forearms and wrists are horizontal to the desktop surface. Elbows should be angled at about 90 degrees. You should be able to reach the keys without bending your wrists.

How many hours a day should you stand at your desk?

Alternating between sitting and standing offers the best health benefits.

Whilst sitting has been proven to have negative health impacts. Occupations that require standing for to long periods are associated with leg muscle pain, connective tissue pain and varicose veins [3].

Alternating 50/50 between sitting and standing is a simple solution for reducing the risk of the negative health impacts of sedentary behavior and prolonged sitting or standing.

Try alternating between sitting and standing every 30-60 minutes.

8 factors to consider when choosing a height adjustable standing desk

There are a handful of features that are worth considering when choosing the best height adjustable standing desk for day trading. these are:

1. Adjustable height range

Most standing desks are available with a decent range in height movement.

The range in height you will need depends on your own height.

If you are a taller person your going to need to make sure the standing desk height will allow you to work standing without bending.

If your a shorter person the desk height in the seated position needs to be low enough so your feet sit flat on the floor and forearms and wrists horizontal.

2. Desktop dimensions

This is mostly a personal preference or dependent on the number of monitors you use or other peripherals you like to sit on your desktop.

Most good quality adjustable standing desks support a big range of desktop widths and depths. Desktop size is highly customizable.

3. Ease of movement

If your looking at investing in a standing desk. Be sure to go with a motor lift system.

A winch or other manual height adjustment system might save you a few dollars. But having to manually change desk height. Is more than likely going to mean your not going to utilize the height adjustment features of your new desk as often.

4. Programmable heights

Many of the better motor lift systems come with a programmable height memory feature. This allows regular users of the desk to preset sitting and standing heights.

Ideally opt for an option with four memory settings. Two for your standing and sitting. Plus two more for a second person.

5. Lift and lower speed

Height adjustment speed is a nice feature. The faster you can adjust your workstation the less downtime.

Three tier leg systems have a faster adjustment speed than two tier.

6. Stability

Stability is a key feature of standing desks. Almost all standing desks are susceptible to wobble is the standing position. Be sure to opt for systems with stable legs and lateral support.

7. Durability

Adjustable height standing desks are a significant invest. But one that should last you for years. Be sure to invest in a quality desk preferably with a decent warranty.

Consider the quality of the build materials and motor. Things like desk top are cheap and simple to replace. So these features are less important.

8. Motor noise

If you work in a shared space or in a bedroom. Then noise maybe a factor. Most adjustable standing desks lift systems run with one or two electric motors. These can make a whirring noise and potentially an issue in some situations.

Best height adjustable standing desk for day trading

Below is a list of the best height adjustable standing desks. These desk are beautifully built to offer the best long term performance for years of use.

Uplift v2

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The Uplift v2 is my pick for the best height adjustable standing desk for day traders.

This is a beautifully designed desk. With all the features you are going to need from a standing desk. This is in my opinion the best all round desk on the market today.

Uplift v2 features:

  • One of the most stable and reliable height adjustable desk frames on the market. The Uplift v2 Commercial version with the added crossbar is more stable than most competitor desks.
  • The Uplift v2 has passed ANSI/BIFMA standard tests for durability. These tests include desk loading, stability, racking, leg strength, vertical adjustment and cycle testing. Plus the desk comes with a 7 year warranty against damage and defect.
  • Dual motors means the desk lifting system is smoother, faster, more reliable and quieter than other single motor systems.
  • Three stage legs increases lifting and lower speed by 33% over two stage versions.
  • The telescopic crossbar allows the desk to be compatible with almost any desk top with width between 42 inches and 80 inches. Uplift a choose of 19 desktop styles or you can purchase and fit your own separately. A good option is to use an IKEA desktop with the frame. This a cost effective option that can be easily changed at a later date.
  • The height range is the largest of any similar product on the market. Between 24.3 – 49.9 inches. This desk is definitely the best option for shorter people since it can be set lower than most similar products.
  • The Uplift v2 is fully programmable. With a LED keypad that can be mounted beside the user. Height settings can be programmed into a four button memory settings.

The desk in available in two versions. The Uplift v2 and Uplift v2 Commercial. The commercial frame version has an inverted leg design and added crossbar for extra stability. If your looking for the extra stability then go with the Uplift v2 Commercial version.

If your looking for an adjustable height standing desk for day trading. Then the Uplift v2 ticks all the boxes for me. Its a fantastic product and well worth the investment.

  • Beautifully designed desk
  • Biggest adjustable height range on market
  • Supports a big range of desktop widths
  • Dual electric motor lift system is powerful, smooth, quiet and reliable
  • 4 programmable heights
  • Three tier leg system provides fast lift and lower speed
  • One of the most stable standing desks available
  • More expensive than other options

Other options worth consideration

Other standing desks with similar features also worth consideration are the Jarvis and Anthrodesk.

If your looking for a budget friendly option. Then the VIVO DESK V103EW dual motor and the VIVO DESK V102EW single motor are good options.


There are significant comfort and health benefits of an adjustable height standing desk workstation.

When considering a standing desk there are several key features worth taking into account: Adjustable height range, desktop dimensions, ease of movement, programmable heights, lift and lower speed, stability, durability, and motor noise.

The Uplift v2 is my pick for the best adjustable height standing desk for day trading.

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