Does NinjaTrader have an app? | Access NinjaTrader on a mobile device

Ninjatrader has become hugely popular trading platform amongst futures and forex day traders. A common question amongst its 60,000 users is, is there a NinjaTrader App?

NO, there is currently no Ninjatrader app available for the platform. However, there are several options for accessing the platform services on a mobile device. These include using the Chrome remote desktop extension, the third party Ninja mobile trader VPS app or NinjaTrader Brokerage users can access their Ninjatrader brokerage accounts via the CQG Mobile app.

In this post I’ll explain each of these options in detail for accessing the Ninjatrader platform on a mobile device. I’ll also discuss whether Ninjatrader is considering developing their own stand alone Ninjatrader app sometime in the future.

Is there a Ninjatrader mobile app in development?

There is certainly plenty of demand for a Ninjatrader mobile app – A common question amongst current users: Is there a Ninjatrader mobile app in development?

Whilst the NinjaTrader team have hinted that the development of a stand alone mobile NinjaTrader app is ‘on their radar’. To date there is no official word on their intentions or let alone any sort of time frame for when an app will be developed.

Ninjatrader mobile app options for iphone, ipad, Android and other mobile devices

For Ninjatrader users that would like some sort of mobile charting access on their iphone, ipad or Android device. There are a handful of options available. These include using:

  1. Chrome remote desktop or other trustworthy remote desktop app
  2. Ninja mobile trader VPS
  3. CQG mobile app

Chrome Remote Desktop

For NinjaTrader users that want full Ninjatrader platform access on a mobile device. Then consider using ‘Chrome remote desktop’ or something similar like the ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop App’.

Chrome remote desktop allows full access to any computer from anywhere in the world from another computer or mobile device such as mobile phone or tablet.

Chrome remoate desktop for Ninjatrader mobile app

To find out more about using the ‘Chrome Remote Desktop‘. Take a look at the video below:

Using the Chrome remote desktop allows Ninjatrader users to access their computer running the Ninjatrader platform on any mobile device that has access to the Apple App store or Google Play.

Ninja mobile trader VPS

Ninja mobile trader VPS is an app produced by a third party developer not associated with NinjaTrader. It operates in a similar way to using the Chrome remote desktop. Except instead of accessing Ninjatrader from your own machine. You have access to a private server that offers full access to the Ninjatrader platform.

The biggest down side of this service is the cost. Ninja mobile trader VPS charges start at $59 / month depending on the server computation specifications.

The Ninja mobile trader is available on any mobile device with access to the Apple App store or Google Play.

CQG mobile app

The simplest and most cost effective option is to use the excellent CQG mobile app.

NinjaTrader brokerage account holders can get access to the CQG mobile app using their brokerage account details. Using the CQG mobile app is an easy way to monitor trade positions on any mobile device.

The CQG mobile app allows mobile trading with full mobile charting and order execution designed for mobile use.

The downside of the CQG mobile app is it isn’t Ninjatrader and doesn’t offer all the same functionality of the Ninjatrader platform. The app does however offers a nice selection of charting options and indicators.

The CQG mobile app is available on any mobile device with access to the Apple App store or Google Play.

How to access your Ninjatrader brokerage account using the CQG mobile app?

The most convenient option for accessing your Ninjatrader brokerage accounts is via the CQG mobile app. This excellent app is a simple way to monitor your Ninjatrader positions on any mobile device. It allows users to place / edit orders and has full mobile charting.

To access the app:

  1. To access the CQG mobile app go to your Apple App store or Google Play and search for ‘CQG’ to download the app.
Ninjatrader app for iphone, ipad and android
CQG Mobile App Ninjatrader
  1. You’ll need to contact the Ninjatrader brokerage team at to signup for access to the CQG mobile app.
  1. Once you have been given access to the CQG mobile app. Sign in using your ‘User name’ and ‘Password’.

If you don’t yet have access to your app live account but would like to check out it’s features and functionality. The app offers a demo function.

When you first open the app you will be promoted to login.

In the bottom right hand corner of the app is the option select ‘other ways to login in’. Here you can select ‘Demo’.

Ninjatrader app for iphone, ipad and android

How to use the CQG mobile app with your NinjaTrader brokerage account

Which ever method you choose to login. You will now have access to the CQG mobile app interface.

Here you can create a new list of your favorite or most used instruments and markets. Select the current list with drop down arrow. Then scroll down and select new list.

In the top right hand corner of the app select the + symbol to add a new instrument.

To view the CHART of any of the instruments simply click on the instrument in your list. You’ll be taken to the chart. Here you can access all the charting and order features. Including Charts, Working orders, Open Positions etc.

Ninjatrader app for iphone, ipad and android
Order placement

Within the chart interface along the top of the chart is a simple menu that includes the chart bar type, timeframe, cursor options, settings, studies (indicators) plus drawing tool and on chart trading buttons.

To access the app indicators. Select ‘+ Study’ in the top menu. From here you’ll be taken to a list chart indicators to choose from. Choose the gear cog next to the indicator gives access to the indicator settings.

Ninjatrader app for iphone, ipad and android

There’s loads more charting functionality available with the CQG mobile. The above is a sample of features available. if your interested in using your Ninjatrader brokerage account on a mobile device. It’s worth having a play around with the app and seeing if it will suit your needs.

The app is a great way to supplement your trading when away from your NinjaTrader desktop platform.

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