How much does Trade Ideas cost?

In this post I’d like to answer the question how much does Trade Ideas cost?

Trade Ideas is a brilliant stock screening tool consistently rated one of the best stock screeners on the market.

In this post I’d like to answer some questions including: Does Trade Ideas have a free trial, How much is a Trade Ideas subscription? Is trade ideas worth the cost? and can you cancel your Trade Ideas subscription?

Trade Ideas offers access to the FULL suite of Trade Ideas applications on a periodic basis (typically quarterly). A Trade Ideas Test Drive offers 1-2 weeks of Premium subscription access for a small fee (Typically $11.11). To get notified about the next Trade Ideas TEST DRIVE event click the link.

Is Trade Ideas Free?

No, Trade Ideas is a subscription only platform. Its modern and innovative features including its famous stock screener is available for a monthly or annual subscription fee. 

However, Trade Ideas proprietary chat room, popularly known as the Trading Room, is free from subscription costs. The Trading Room is a live market session hosted by a market and Trade Ideas expert. 

To learn more about the Trading Room – its concept and features – visit my previous post for a deeper dive. You can sign up for free here

To SIGNUP for the Trade Ideas FREE Trading Room click the link and enter your details!

Does Trade Ideas have a free trial?

No, Trade Ideas does not offer regular free trials of the full functionalities of its platform. 

However, Trade Ideas offer a “Test-Drive” every quarter. This event offers 1-2 weeks of subscription to its premium account for a minimum fee. Premium features include A.I. and back testing with live data. 

You can sign up through this link to get notified for the next Trade Ideas Test-Drive

Trade Ideas offers access to the FULL suite of Trade Ideas applications on a periodic basis (typically quarterly). A Trade Ideas Test Drive offers 1-2 weeks of Premium subscription access for a small fee (Typically $11.11). To get notified about the next Trade Ideas TEST DRIVE event click the link.

How much is a Trade Ideas subscription?

Trade Ideas has two subscription plans: Standard and Premium. Both Trade Ideas subscription plans offer the same payment terms – monthly and annual. 

See below for a summary of the Trade Ideas cost: 

Monthly$118 or $3.93 a day*$228 or $7.60 a day*
Annual$999 or $2.74 a day*$1999 or $5.48 a day*
Features IncludedStock screener 500 alerts 10 simultaneous chartsAll features included in standardAI trading analyst AI chart-based trade assistance 20 simultaneous charts 

*For illustration purposes, per day computations are done manually and assume 30 days in a month and 365 days in a year. 

Is trade ideas worth the cost?

The honest answer to this question is that it depends on your trading needs.

Trade Ideas offer powerful products that will undeniably sharpen your edge in the market. It does a fine job in its ability to identify the best and latest trading opportunities and makes it extremely easy for users to hop aboard those trades. 

Its cost may be daunting at first, however, if you weigh the advantages and benefits, Trade Ideas is a worthy investment. 

Zooming in, its cost of $2.93 to $7.60/day is doable and is simply a cost of doing business as traders.

Objectively, the cost is a lot less than a losing trade. 

Whilst the Trade Ideas’ screener is undeniably useful and is dubbed one of the best in the market, its AI products may not find its maximum effectiveness for all traders. 

If you’re a profitable trader that wants to take their trading to the next level. Then the Trade Ideas screener is in my opinion an essential piece of stock trading software and the screener alone is worth the price.

Below I have summarized the features on offer with a Trade Ideas subscription:

The Advantages

This section will outline the advantages of using Trade Ideas and some of the features on offer.

1. Stock Screener

Full time traders and those trading decent size will benefit most from the Trade Ideas stock screener. 

Stock screeners offer time savings and reduce likelihood of unmissed opportunities.

The Trade Ideas stock screener is consistently rated the best on the market. It simply makes sense to invest in the best stock screening tool.

Time Savings: “Money never sleeps”

Trading is more than a full-time job. Being on top of major moves requires watching markets and consuming massive amounts of data during the day then researching even after hours. This would otherwise take loads of manual hours if not become an impossible task altogether. 

Trade Ideas’ stock screener is an undeniably a time saver. Its instantly screens and filters through thousands of names which reduces hours of technical and fundamental research into mere seconds. The feature uses a simple point-and-click function to filter results that meet your criteria. 

Advanced Stock Screener: Never miss an opportunity 

Trade Ideas is one of the most powerful stock screeners in the market. Investopedia recognized Trade Ideas as one of the best stock screeners in 2021 with a distinction of being the best for day traders.

Its offers over 800 filters that cover technical, fundamental, and social media filters. Here is a short list of some of the most useful filters:

  • Stocks – 50-day winners by %
  • Stocks – 20 day moving average crosses 200 day moving average 
  • Consecutive up/down days 
  • EPS 
  • Market caps 

Other non-conventional favorites include:

  • Earnings play 
  • Gappers 
  • Breaking out on volume 
  • Halted stocks 
  • Social Media*

To view a list of predefined stock screeners, click here.

A unique feature of its stock scanner is its filter collection of trade setups or patterns. This is not a common feature you’ll see in standard stock screeners (i.e., TradingView stock screener does not have this feature). Here are a few examples of trade setup filters:

  • Stocks with a range contraction pattern 
  • Stocks with a strong linear trend pattern 
  • Stocks with long term consolidation pattern 
  • Stocks near daily Bollinger bands 

To see more predefined stock screeners, click here.

Social Media Screens 

The social media screen is surging in popularity. Trade Ideas scans social media channels (i.e., Twitter, StockTwits, LinkedIn) for stocks that are creating lots of chatter on social media.

The Social Media screen has three idea windows: bullish social sentiment, bearish social sentiment, and unusual social activity. 

This screener is extremely helpful nowadays where socials play a larger role in influencing markets. If you want to be on top of this huge wave, this screener will be one of the go-to. 

Customizable Screens 

A more advanced feature for seasoned traders: users can customize their own screens by building their own criteria.  These screens can also work hand in hand with Trade Ideas’ real time alerts feature. 

This will come in handy for those traders with specific setups in their system. No coding experience is required to build these screens. 

Dashboard: Channel Bar

All of Trade Ideas screens are categorized into buckets called “Channel Bars” on the TI dashboard.  Each channel bar represents a certain theme where most popular screens fall under. 

Each channel bar has a so-called “idea window”, which expands the channel bar to show different sections like ideas stream, triggered strategies and setup watchlist. 

Here are a few examples of the channel bars: 

  • Alpha Predator – TI’s proprietary momentum-based screen
  • Pre-market – shows stocks making significant moves from its previous day’s close 
  • Earnings 
  • Account builder – channel for scans looking at stocks trading between $1-$20 with solid volume 
  • Momo-momentum 
  • Swing Ideas
  • Stocks Surging 

To see the full list of channel bars with description, click here.

2. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.): Innovative solutions weaken the power of human biases

In addition to its innovative stock scanner, Trade Ideas offers the integration of Holly A.I. to its premium account holders. This is an extremely powerful tool when you have grown comfortable working with advanced trading analytics technology. 

Holly Grail consumes and analyzes the previous day’s market action to make trade recommendations for the next day. The goal of this AI is to identify and suggest proven trade ideas/setups with success rates of above 60%. Essentially, eliminating emotions in identifying trade ideas.

The Holly Grail database is loaded with a multitude of trading algorithms, taking the form of AI-powered strategies. The following are just a few examples of strategies under Holly Grail: 

  • Bullish Pullback 
  • Bullish Trend Change
  • Breakout
  • Buyers Stepping: utilizes Fibonacci numbers for bullish pullbacks.

To view the entire list of AI strategies, click here. 

3. Trade Alerts: never miss an opportunity

The Standard and Premium accounts both have up to 500 price alerts. This is a particularly useful feature as it keeps you in the loop real time – making sure you are on top of your watched trades. 

Trade Ideas offers over hundred alerts that users can filter and configure. 

Trade Ideas organizes all these alerts into one window on the dashboard. This window shows triggered alert events with its corresponding strategy. Users can easily view and configure alerts in just a few clicks. 

To see the full list of trade alerts, click here.  

Strength Alerts 

Additional to the price and strategy alerts, Trade Ideas offers an independent alert index newsletter. Every Sunday, Strength Alerts newsletter sends 5 new trade ideas from TI’s model portfolio built by their market strategist Michael Nauss, CMT. 

This is a relatively new feature. Currently, it is offered as a separate feature from the platform for a price of $17/month. The 5 trade ideas are sent through email every week. 

This feature is similar to copy trading with its exclusive access to the watchlist of a Chartered Market Technician combining technical with quantitative and algorithmic trading styles. 

Click here to sign up to the strength alerts newsletter

4. Trade of the Week [Free]: Idea Generation

Trade of the Week is also a newsletter of trade ideas except it’s free for anyone who registers their email address. Unlike Strength Alerts, Trade of the Week only highlights one trade idea. 

This is not bad for a product that is free of cost. If you are interested to join, click here to access the Trade Ideas Trade of the week newsletter

5. Live Trading Room [Free]: Access to day-to-day market and product guidance

Another great free product is TI’s live chat room. The room runs from 9:00AM – 3:30PM EST every weekday where the host, Barrie Einarson, gives a walkthrough of live trades and trade opportunities. 

The Live Trading Room is rated as one of the best trading chat rooms in 2021.

To register for the Trade Ideas trading room click here.

Can you cancel Trade Ideas subscription?

Trade Ideas Cancellation Policy

Yes, subscriptions can be cancelled anytime. Trade Ideas does not have a contract or lock in period once subscribed. 

Trade Ideas Refund Policy

As of July 8, 2021, Trade Ideas SALES ARE FINAL. Trade Ideas does offer a store credit or exchanges. To view the full and up to date description of Trade Ideas Billing and Cancellation policies click the link.

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