How to build a TradingView Reputation

In this post I’d like to provide a detailed guide to Tradingview reputation. I’ll explain what it is, why it’s important if your wanting to join the Tradingview ideas community and how you can use it to get the best experience.

TradingView has a thriving community of trader-contributors. The platform’s online community adds over a thousand new ideas published daily, with over a million ideas published over the years. 

It’s possible to find discussions relating to almost every tradable instrument on the platform. Plus if you can’t find what your looking for you can always start your own tread and discuss topics around ideas your interested in.

Because Tradingview is interested in providing the best user experience with helpful tools and resources for it’s users. Tradingview uses a qualification metric called Tradingview reputation to help users find the best contributors to follow.

In the following sections I’ll outline what is Tradingview reputation, How do you gain reputation on TradingView? I’ll explain how TradingView reputation points calculated and why are TradingView reputation points important.

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What is TradingView Reputation? 

Tradingview reputation is a trust qualification metric that grades contributors on the quality of ideas posts and user engagement within the community. Tradingview’s reputation helps other users find the best contributors and the best ideas. It encourages community contribution to the Tradingview online ecosystem.

If you want your ideas to be discovered within the Tradingview community building a Tradingview reputation is very important. Tradingview reputation points are a rank based metric. So the ‘weight’ or influence of your Tradingview reputation points are relative to other contributors sharing similar ideas.

Even if your not particularly interested in becoming a top contributor to the community. Its still a good idea to be aware of what Tradingview reputation is since several features require a minimum amount of reputation points. I will discuss this in a later section below.

Reputation points can be viewed from the user’s profile. See blue box below.

Other users can use this metric to quickly gauge that users experience or track record within the community.

The higher the points, the more credible TradingView see the user as it relates to his/her value to the community. With enhanced credibility, trust is built.

How do you gain reputation on TradingView? 

Users are rewarded Tradingview reputation points based on value creation within the community. Tradingview repuation can be gained from publishing quality ideas and engaging within the community by commenting and providing feedback.

According to TradingView, you can earn points by actively engaging in the community. This includes: 

  • Publishing insightful ideas
  • Publishing educational posts 
  • Publishing posts centering on popular instruments
  • Timely comment engagements
  •  Updating existing posts 
  • Updates include truthful update of trade development 

Tradingview reputation points are accrued using is a formula-based calculation. I’ll discuss this in the next section…

If you signup for an annual Pro, Pro+ or Premium TradingView membership using the link. New users are eligible to get up to $30 towards new yearly plan and $10 towards monthly plans.

How are TradingView reputation points calculated?  

User reputation is calculated based on an undisclosed formula, coded on the TradingView backend. For obvious reasons Tradingview doesn’t disclose exactly how the points are calculated. 

However, they do say that there are several factors that contribute points to your reputation. These include: 

  • Quantity of likers: number of likes 
  • Quality of likers: reputation of those users who liked your posts
  • Quantity of followers 
  • Quantity of comments

The exact formula is refined from time to time.

Why are TradingView reputation points important?

TradingView reputation points are important because they are reflective of the trust gained within the online community. The more reputation points a user has they more trustworthy their ideas are considered to be and the better those ideas rank. This hierarchy within the community is designed to strengthen the Tradingview platform as a trading resource. For beginner community members a minimum amount of reputation points also allows the use of several posting features.

In the rest of this section I’ll discuss in more detail some of these ideas why reputation points are important:

Public chat

Some community engagement features require certain amount of reputation points to use. 

One example is the requirement of at least 5 reputation points to participate in public chat. 

Editorial options and Insert URL’s or snapshots

A minimum of 10 reputation points is required for access to editorial options like font formatting and insertion of URLs or snapshot of ideas/images. 

Inserting URLs and links requires a minimum of 10 reputation points. I’ve encircled both these two features in the screenshot below:

Note: Linking to Related Ideas does not require reputation points. Feel free to share a link to an idea as it relates to your posting. 

Earn badges = enhances credibility 

Badges are three-lettered words beside a trader’s TradingView username. Badges include MOD for moderator, TOP for top author. 

A badge is earned when a user becomes a top author in at least one of the 4 leaderboards (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and All-Time) 

Build a trusted online community trading resource 

The reputation points system is designed to Encourage intelligent and feedback-based discourse.

Publishing quality posts and feedback contributes to building a quality online trading resource.

How do I follow someone on TradingView?

If you find a user that’s publishing great ideas and you’d like to see any future posts they make. It’s possible to follow that user (the same as any other social media platform).

Steps in viewing and following a user’s profile:

Option 1

Step 1: From the home page, hover over Community in the top menu bar > click on Ideas or Scripts or Streams. (Depending on the topic you’re interested in).

Step 2: In each of these categories you’ll find a library of topics to search. Once you have found a user you’d like to follow. Click on the username of the author you are interested in viewing

This will direct you to the user’s profile

Step 3: Click on Follow

Option 2 

If you know the name of the user, you can click on the search bar from the main toolbar 

or simply CTRL + K to open the search bar. 

Click on People then type the name of the user > select from the name suggestions 

This will direct you to the user’s profile

Step 3: Click on Follow

If you signup for an annual Pro, Pro+ or Premium TradingView membership using the link. New users are eligible to get up to $30 towards new yearly plan and $10 towards monthly plans.

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