My Favorite Equipment

If your looking for some new trading workstation equipment, then you have come to the right place. The following is a list of all my favorite trading workstation gear! All the equipment you are going to need to build a beautiful workstation. I have included everything from desktop computers, laptops, monitors, keyboards, electronic standing desks, docking stations and much more. Have a browse and build your own new trading workstation!

Trading Desktop Computers

If you are looking for a new trading machine. Then below I have listed a handful of my favorite desktop computers. I have been using DELL machines for over 10 years. I find them reliable , full or great features, look great and available for an affordable price. I’ve also listed the Falcon F-1 Trading Computer. This is a beast of a machine. If you are looking for a beautiful, powerful machine built for trading and don’t mind paying for it. Then the Falcon range of computers are a great option. Check all this machines out below!

Trading Laptop Computers

Laptops offer a more flexible workstation computer solution to a desktop machine. However, There are several compromises you may need to make if you decide to go with a laptop machine. To start with you are going to be paying significantly more for a the same computing power with a laptop. Your also potentially limited with the upgrades to you laptop machine. Below I have listed some of my favorite laptop machines that compare really well to there desktop counterparts. These machines are packed with loads of power and a few of them have upgrade capabilities. Check out my favorite laptops for day trading below.


If you are building a new or upgrading your existing trading workstation. You are likely going to want more than the one monitor. Below is a list of my favorite monitors for a trading workstation setup. Personally I prefer a 3 monitor setup. But this is going to depend on your own strategy and preferences. I like a thin beveled monitor. It provides nice continuity between screen. Whether you go for more smaller monitors or fewer larger monitors is up to you. Below is a selection of my favorite and some highly rated monitors that are likely to suit your needs no matter your setup preferences!

Multi Monitor Fully Adjustable Stands

Multi monitor mounts are a brilliant solution for building workstation monitor setup. They lift your monitors off the desktop surface providing more workspace and offer a neat a stylish monitor mounting solution. Multi monitor adjustable stands are available in a number of styles and support from a single monitor up to six sometimes more. I prefer the desk clamp base style. I find it uses less desktop space and is a stable solution. Below is a list of my favorite multi monitor fully adjustable stands. The VIVO stands are great affordable option.

Portable Monitors

If you like the idea of making a living trading on the road. Then your definitely going to want a set of portable monitors. Portable monitors are a great way to build a multi monitor setup that can be taken anywhere and setup and packed down easily. Below is a list of my favorite portable monitors.


Your keyboard is your tactile interface to your trading platform. It makes sense to invest is a really good quality keyboard peripheral. There are a huge range of keyboards on the market with an equally huge selection of layouts, key feels and programmable features. Below I have listed my favorite keyboards for trading.


Your mouse just like your keyboard is a critical piece of gear that makes sense to invest in quality. You are going to want a reliable and responsive mouse that’s not going to fail nor cause error. Below is my favorite mouse for trading!

Docking Stations

If you prefer a laptop workstation setup. Consider getting a docking station. It will make your life some much easier! Docking stations offer the advantage of a single cable connection to your laptop to access all your desktop peripherals. Monitors, keyboard, mouse, printers, cameras and more.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk

I love standing desks. They offer so much workstation flexibility. Having the option to alternate between sitting and standing has been said to be much healthier than simply sitting all day. Plus if you are a bit fidgety like me. It provides the opportunity to stretch and walk around for a bit whilst still being close to the action. Below is a list of some of my favorite standing desk options.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Investing in an UPS or Uninterruptible Power supply is definitely something worth considering if you are trading with any size. There is nothing much worse than the thought of the power going out and losing your internet connection in the middle of a trade. Below is a list of some of my favorite UPS systems.

Graphics Cards

If you want to build a multiple monitor trading workstation. Your current computer GPY might not support the number of monitors you want to use. Upgrading your GPU might be a better solution than buying a new computer. Below is a list of my favorite GPU’s.

My Favorite Trading Books

Then is a ton of trading reading resources available. These can help with your psychology, help develop strategies or you simple might like to read about other traders success and failures. Below is a list of great trading books to check out! You can listen to any of these books with audible. Click the link below to listen.

My Favorite Mindset Books

To be a successful trader it really helps to have the right mindset! Below is a list of fantastic books not directly related to trading but really helpful non the less. Start with Atomic habits. Its an easy read and great place to start. The others are a bit more full on . Remember you can listen to any of these books with audible. Click the link below to listen.

Audible is a great way to listen to any of the books listed above. I prefer listening in the car to make the most of any commute time. Audio books are great way to absorb a tone of information when you otherwise might be driving, in the bus or train or waiting around!

Sign Up for a FREE 30 day Audible Trial

Enjoy one free download with a free 30 day audible trial. Audible is a great way to listen to any of my favorite books. Click the link to sign up for your free trial.

My Favorite Trading Platforms


Tradingview is my go to trading platform for daily market checks and chart analysis. In my opinion it’s without doubt the most intuitive trading platform on the market today. Charting is clean and clear and all tools and indicators are simple to use. The platform can be accessed from anywhere using any popular browser interface. If you prefer an App based solution the platform can be downloaded for both PC and Mac users. the platform can also be accessed on iPhone or Android devices using the Tradingview mobile app.

Signup for a Essential, Plus+ or Premium TradingView subscription using the link. *New users get $15 towards a new plan.

Sierra Chart

Sierra Chart is my trading platform of choice. It also includes an excellent, easy to use market replay function that in many ways superior to that offered by NinjaTrader. The platform also comes integrated with most indicators and tools making it one of the most complete all in one trading platforms available. On top of this the platform is lite – requiring little in the way of computing power to run smoothly and is stable running multiple monitor setups with minor upgrades in addition computing power.

NinjaTrader 8

NinjaTrader 8 is a software platform and brokerage service for forex and futures trading. The NinjaTrader 8 is one of my favorite trading platforms. It offers a highly responsive chart trading and market replay functions perfect for anyone learning to trade. Ninja trader is one of the best and most affordable trading platforms on the market today.

Funded Trading Accounts

Topstep Trader

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