How to Get a Funded Forex Trading Account

In this post I’ll outline how to get a funded forex trading account. I’ll present the various service provider options plus break down the benefits of each. I’ll also provide step by step instructions for how to get funded with one of these funded forex account service providers.

What is a Funded Forex Account?

A funded forex account is a retail trading account funded by a company – a propriety trading firm, who provide access to qualified Forex traders. These traders are expected to grow the company’s capital and in return, shares the profits without having to invest the traders’ own capital.

Funded trading accounts an excellent option for traders with limited personal trading funds. They give traders that can prove they can trade and manage risk the ability to trade larger positions and earn more from their trading.

As a forex trader, there are plenty of options you can choose from when enrolling for a funded forex account. Listed below are the best you’ll want to consider.

Which Forex Funding is Best?

Funded Forex Accounts differ in profit shares, subscription fees, discounts, and trading platforms they allow you to use. They all have their own rules for you to follow such as maximum drawdown rates, maximum position size, and daily loss limits.

Other factors important to consider include profit splits, are there are any additional fees, any special tax status, and educational program.

There are several forex funded account providers for traders to choose from. Below are some of the best funded forex accounts:

  • Topstep Forex
  • FTMO
  • Fidelcrest
  • The 5ers
  • City Traders Imperium
  • OneUp Trader


These accounts have different profit shares and fees. Below is the summarized breakdown for each.

It’s important to note that even though fees below are quoted on a monthly or one off basis. Most of these fees are also on a per evaluation basis!

Funded Forex AccountProfit SharesMonthly Fees
Topstep Forex100% profit split up to a total of $5,000 in withdrawal, then 80/20 with 80% profits received by the traderTrading Combine
$125 per month with $200,000 buying power
$165 per month with $300,000 buying power
$275 per month with $500,000 buying power

Funded Account
No more monthly fee. 
FTMO80/20 profit split with 80% profits received by the trader, or 90/10 profit split with 90% profits received by the trader with a Scale-up PlanNo membership fees.

For their FTMO Challenge, there is a one-time fee of
€155 for a $10,000 starting balance
€250 for a $25,000 starting balance
€345 for a $50,000 starting balance
€540 for a $1000,000 starting balance
€1080 for a $1000,000 starting balance
FidelcrestNo share during the Trading Challenge stage
Up to 50% of profit during verification stage
Up to 80% profit as an official Fidelcrest Trader
No monthly fees.

ProTrader Normal One-Time Fee
€349 for 2 x $75,000 capital
€649 for 2 x $150,000 capital
€999 for 2 x $250,000 capital
€1,599 for 2 x $500,000 capital

ProTrader Aggressive One-time Fee
€649 for 2 x $75,000 capital
€999 for 2 x $150,000 capital
€1,599 for 2 x $250,000 capital
The 5ers50% commission baseOne-Time Fee
€235 for $6,000 of starting capital
€385 for $10,000 of starting capital
€745 for $20,000 of starting capital
City Traders Imperium60% profit share at 10% growth
70% profit share with 2 PM Forex Funded accounts each grown to $2,000,000
One-time Fee With Evaluation

£649 for $17,500 starting capital
£449 for $12,500 starting capital
£379 for $10,000 starting capital
£199 for $5,000 starting capital
£109 for $2,500 starting capital

One-Time Fee Without Evaluation

£3,099 for $70,000 funding
£2,199 for $50,000 funding
£1,799 for $40,000 funding
£999 for $20,000 funding
OneUp Trader100% for the first $8,000

$25,000 Account 80% split for $125 per month or 50% split for $105 per month

$50,000 Account 80% split for $150 per month or 50% split for $120 per month

$100,000 Account 80% split for $300 per month or 50% split for $240 per month

$150,000 Account 80% split for $350 per month or 50% split for $300 per month

$250,000 Account 80% split for $650 per month or 50% split for $500 per month
Varys with account size and profit split. See Profit shares in adjacent.

Topstep Forex and OneUp Trader offer funded accounts with per month evaluation fee. Topstep Forex offers the most capital for a much lower monthly fee and a profit share of 80 and you get to keep 100% of the first $5000 profit. Which is a pretty good offer.

All the other funds have a per account fee structure. Generally, this fee is more expensive or offer less capital to trade.

And remember! Even though fees are quoted on a monthly or one off payment basis. Most of these fees are also per evaluation! If you fail your evaluation typically you need to pay again to have another shot. Topstep FX however does offer a reset feature at $89 to $139 depending on the account size.

If you can trade and manage risk before opting for any of these programs – which is how you want to approach this! Then going for a lower evaluation fee, with more capital to trade obviously makes the most sense irrespective if the fees are on a monthly or one off basis. This may of course depend on the length of time it takes to meet the qualification requirements. Which is why I prefer Topstep FX from a cost vs trading account size perspective.

Trading Platforms

All these Funded Forex trading accounts use various trading platforms. You may prefer to only trade on a specific platform.

Below is the summary of the trading platforms used by the funded forex account listed above.

Funded Forex AccountTrading Platform
Topstep ForexMetaTrader4
FTMOMetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and CTrader
FidelcrestMetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and CTrader
The 5ersMetaTrader5
City Traders ImperiumMetaTrader5
OneUp TraderRithmic R|TRADER in conjunction with supported platforms; NinjaTrader is the preferred platform

Most funds offer MetaTrader4 and/or 5 as their main offering. I’d expect most forex traders are familar with the mt4 platform and interface.

Topstep are looking at making some major updates to their FX offering and hopefully with it will come an integration with Tradingview. I’ll keep you posted.

Discounts and free trials

Sometimes, these funded forex accounts offer discounts and free trials. Discounts are available with promo codes or specific offerings which are normally updated so it’s best to be on the look out.

Free trials don’t include a live evaluation but are a great way to get a feel for the different platforms and see what they have to offer.

The table below summarizes the available free trials and discounts you can enjoy:

Funded Forex AccountFree Trial (Yes/No)Discounts
Topstep ForexYes20% off a Forex trading combine using this link.
The 5ersYesNo
City Traders ImperiumYesNo
OneUp TraderYesNo

All funded accounts offer free trials of their platforms.

Topstep FX is offering a 20% discount on your first trading combine or evaluation.

User reviews

It’s worth checking out what other users of these services have to say. Below is a sample of Trust Pilot Reviews for each of the service providers. Topstep FX and FTMO have by far the most reviews.

Funded Forex AccountTrust Pilot ReviewStar Rating
Topstep ForexTopstep Forex has 1,280 Trust Pilot reviews and traders comment that the platform helps keep you disciplined, has an excellent program, and great customer service overall.4.4 out of 5
FTMOFTMO is reviewed by 1,492 traders. They commented great service, trustworthiness, and good experience overall.4.8 out of 5
FidelcrestFidelcrest has 79 reviews from traders commenting about their great customer support.4.6 out of 5
The 5ersThe 5ers has received 425 reviews so far and people have talked about how it’s been a great company that offers a good experience.  4.7 out of 5
City Traders ImperiumCTI has 185 reviews from traders and they mentioned about their excellent mentors and great overall experience. 4.7 out of 5
OneUp TraderWith only two trust pilot reviews, traders have mentioned that it was a good platform and that they’ve had a great experience with it. 3.8 out of 5

Most of these service providers offer decent reviews. OneUp trader has only 2 reviews both are 5 star. So the overall score seems a little misleading.

Both Topstep FX and FTMO reviews offer a good basis for comparison. Each with over 1000 reviews. Users appear happy with either of these platforms. Both appear to be the most trusted of all the options listed.

Based on many of the reviews for Topstep FX and FTMO, poor reviews appear to users disgruntled about trading rules and the fees associated with starting a new evaluation – this applies to most of the service providers. In defense of any of these programs rules are in place to develop disciplined traders and limit downside risk.

If you are considering any of these funded account options. It’s a good idea to confident in your trading strategy before starting any of these programs. Also, make sure you clearly understand the programs trading rules.







How Do I Get a Funded Forex Trading Account?

Most propriety firms have an evaluation program for you to learn and use before offering a funded account. This is for you to prove your trading skills and demonstrate you can make profit, and to be able to manage risk.

City Traders Imperium will let you skip evaluation. But for a cost! (See table above).

Most prop firms have rules to follow. However you can use your own strategy.

If you’re a beginner seeking to learn more, some firms offer coaching and mentoring as well.

These funds have a one-time fee or a monthly fee depending on the funds’ terms. Some of them also have discounts to help you get started. See the link or table about above for more information.

If you have proven to yourself either with a demo trading account or a using your own funds. Then applying for funding forex trading account is a great option.

Topstep FX offers successful traders an excellent opportunity to scale their trading with a decent sized funded trading account for a reasonable evaluation fee.

Topstep FX, provides a trusted service that offers an affordable evaluation fee with the opportunity to trade a $200,000, $300,000 or $500,000 account with an 80% profit split using mt4. This is a great deal in comparison to the other services on the market today.

If you want to learn more about how to use Topstep in two minutes? Check out this short video.

Get a Funded Forex Trading Account with Topstep

Step 1: Choose your account size.

Graphical user interface

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Step 2: Start the Trading Combine and pass steps 1 and 2. Meet the targets without violating any of the rules to pass the process.

If violation occurs, you can restart the process anytime by clicking the “Reset” button. This will come with a fee of around $89 to $139 depending on your account size.

Step 3: Once you pass steps 1 and 2, you will be asked of information needed to set up your Funded Account. Within 7 business days, you can begin trading with your new funded account!

A screenshot of a computer screen

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To get 20% off your first Topstep FX trading combine click the click.

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