Benjamin Crichton

Benjamin Crichton

I'm Ben, I graduated with a degree in Engineering and Science from the University of Adelaide, Australia. I've been actively trading the Futures and Forex markets since 2014. In 2018 I started Tradamaker a site that specializes in trading resource tutorials. I use my professional background in probability, statistics, risk analysis, uncertainty, pattern recognition, coding and charting to help fellow traders get the most out of online trading software and tools. I make regular updates to this site. To receive notification of my latest posts and join the community please subscribe to our newsletter below.

Tradingview API: Your best options

An increasingly popular feature for trading analysis is ability to pull up to date markets data into applications such as excel, google documents, websites or even custom built EA’s. This is commonly performed using an API (or Application Programming Interface).…

Best Trading Psychology Books

In this article I’d like to provide a review of what I believe are the best trading psychology books. This is a list that I have compiled over my trading career which have provided really important insights about the roll…