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An increasingly popular feature for trading analysis is ability to pull up to date markets data into applications such as excel, google documents, websites or even custom built EA’s. This is commonly performed using an API (or Application Programming Interface). In this post I’ll explain the types of Tradingview API’s available and how to access them.

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What is an API

An API or Application Programming Interface is an intermediary software or function that operates between two applications and allows them to communicate with one another.

It allows data to be pulled from one application to other under an agreed and defined set of access restrictions (called end points).

In the case of Financial data this has huge benefits for accessing analyzing large amounts of historical and real-time data using applications efficient at doing so.

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Does Tradingview have API access

Tradingview currently offers limited API features. The two API features currently available are the Tradingview REST API and Tradingview Widget API. Unfortunately, at the time of writing Tradingview doesn’t offer API access to it’s market data.

In the sections below I’ll explain each of these in more detail.

Does Tradingview offer an API to access market data

No, at the time writing Tradingview doesn’t offer an API that gives access to it’s market data or indicator values.

Tradingview has mentioned that they do have plans to add a Tradingview API for data in the future.

Tradingview REST API

The Tradingview REST API is designed for Brokers to integrate their data with the Tradingview. Allowing Brokerage customers to place and manage live orders via the Tradingview platform.

If you have a Brokerage account and already trade live via the Tradingview platform, your’re accessing your account using the Tradingview REST API.

The Tradingview REST API uses the RESTful programming architecture that uses HTML requests to access brokerage account data. The REST API allows Tradingview to send and receive User Authentication, Quotes, Orders, Balances, Positions and account settings.

Tradingview Widget

Tradingview Widgets offer simple API access to Tradingview charts, news and live market quotes.

Tradingview Widget API’s are an editable piece of HTML code that can be copy and pasted into a developers website or other application.

Below is an example of the Tradingview Advanced Real-Time Chart Widget.

Tradingview widget
Widget – Embedded Advanced Real-Time chart (Top), HTML code (bottom left), Settings interface (bottom right).

Tradingview API Alternatives

If you’re looking for an API that will give you access to Financial markets data there are several other options available:

Google Finance

Google Finance no longer offers a stand alone API function. However, if you’re looking for a simple API function to pull real-time market quotes then consider using the GOOGLEFINANCE formula.

Google sheets comes integrated with the GOOGLEFINANCE formula API. It allows uses to to pull real-time quotes from google finance. It comes already setup, simple to use and free.

The main disadvantage being that it only functions within Google Sheets.

IEX Cloud

IEX Cloud offers a huge range of data! IEX a comprehensive range of data including Market data, Company fundamentals, News, Economic data, Reference data, Company and Corporations Actions data,


If you’re looking for lightening fast API data access or historical data sets then take a look at

Polygon offers data access to Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Options and US Stocks.

Polygon’s API access is available with a monthly or annual subscription.

EOD Financial data API’s

EOD offers Historical data from 70+ stock exchanges, 150,000 tickers with 30+ years of data. It’s a comprehensive resource for Financial data.

Access to EOD data API’s is available for monthly or yearly subscription. The basic plan is free with limited daily API calls and data range.

Final Thoughts

Tradingview is a brilliant trading platform that offers access to huge range live market data, quotes and news. Tradingview is continually expanding their features making it increasingly a one stop shop for all Traders needs.

At the time of writing Tradingview doesn’t have an API that gives access to it’s market data. Tradingview has announced that it has plans to add a market data API in the future.

If you are interested in using the Tradingview platform as your one stop Trading platform then consider signing up for a free trial here.

Signup for a Essential, Plus+ or Premium TradingView subscription using the link. *New users get $15 towards a new plan.

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