How to get Trade Ideas for FREE

In this post I’ll explain how to get access to a handful of the trade ideas features for FREE. I’ll also detail how to get full access to all the trade Ideas platform features (including the Trade Ideas stock scanner) for up to a 2 week period for a small fee (Almost FREE).

To learn more about getting FREE or discounted access to Trade Ideas follow the guide below.

Trade Ideas offers access to the FULL suite of Trade Ideas applications on a periodic basis (typically quarterly). A Trade Ideas Test Drive offers 1-2 weeks of Premium subscription access for a small fee (Typically $11.11). To get notified about the next Trade Ideas TEST DRIVE event click the link.

Is Trade Ideas Free?

No, Trade Ideas is a subscription only platform. It is typically available only for a monthly or annual subscription for a fee. 

However, Trade Ideas does offer access to their CHAT ROOM or trading room for free. The trading room is a great way to get indirect access to the trade ideas platform. If you are interested in purchasing a monthly or annual subscription. Then signing up for the trading room offers the best way to see all that the platform has to offer for FREE.

The trading room is a live market session hosted by a market and trading expert. They utilize many of the features offered by trade ideas including the Trade Ideas scanner in a live market environment.

The Trading room is FREE to sign up and offers unlimited access to chat, interact and share ideas.

The trade Ideas chat room runs from 9:00AM EST to 3:00PM EST from Monday to Friday. 

To see a detailed review of the Trade Ideas Trading Room, visit my previous post for a deeper dive. You can sign up for free here

To SIGNUP for the Trade Ideas FREE Trading Room click the link and enter your details!

Is there a free version of Trade Ideas?

No, trade Ideas does not offer a free version. Trade Ideas offers 2 subscription options. The standard subscription and Premium subscription. These can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis.

Below is a list of the features offered with each of these subscription options:

Suggested Entry and Exit SignalsYesNo
Real Time Simulated TradingYesYes
Live Trading RoomYesYes
Real-time Streaming Trade IdeasYesYes
Simultaneous Charts2010
Chart Based Visual Trade AssistantYesYes
Price AlertsYesYes
Channel Bar—Curated WorkspacesYesYes
A.I. Virtual Trading Analyst—HollyYesNo
Chart Based A.I. Trade AssistanceYesNo
Risk AssessmentYesNo
Build and Back test any Trade IdeaYesNo
Auto trade w/ Brokerage Plus and A.I.YesNo

For pricing for each of these subscription options see the following section.

To get indirect access to the Trade Ideas platform and scanner. A great option is to sign up for the Trade Ideas ‘Trading Room’. This is a live trading room hosted by a market and Trade Ideas software expert. Access to this trading room is FREE. It offers the best way to see the trade Ideas features in action within a real time market environment.

If you are looking for direct access to the Trade Ideas features for almost FREE then the best option is to signup for a trade Ideas TEST DRIVE. I’ll explain how a TEST DRIVE works in to following sections. See below for more details.

How much is a Trade Ideas subscription?

Trade Ideas has two subscription plans: Standard and Premium. Both Trade Ideas subscription plans offer the same payment terms – monthly and annual. 

See below for a summary of the Trade Ideas cost: 

Monthly$118 or $3.93 a day*$228 or $7.60 a day*
Annual$999or $2.73 a day*$1999 or $5.48 a day*
Features IncludedStock screener 500 alerts 10 simultaneous chartsAll features included in standardAI trading analyst AI chart-based trade assistance 20 simultaneous charts 

*For illustration purposes, per day computations are done manually and assume 30 days in a month and 365 days in a year. 

Does Trade Ideas scanner have a free trial?

Trade Ideas doesn’t offer regular free trials of the full functionalities of its platform. 

Due to the requirements of the Exchanges regarding live real-time data free access to the platform and applications isn’t available.

However, If you are interested in trialing the Trade Ideas features and scanner including access to ALL the premium features. Trade Ideas offers periodic access (typically quarterly) to the platform for a small fee. These events are referred to as a Test-Drive.

To find out more about getting access to a Trade Ideas Test-Drive see the section below for more details.

Trade Ideas Test-Drive

Trade Ideas offer a “Test-Drive” typically every quarter. This event offers 1-2 weeks of subscription to its premium account for a minimum fee.

Trade Ideas TEST DRIVE access fee is typically $11.11 for 2 weeks of access to the FULL suite of applications offered.

Because TEST DRIVES are available all the time or on demand and ONLY on a periodic basis. Consider signing up for a notification for when the next Test-Drive event is scheduled using the link.

Trade Ideas offers access to the FULL suite of Trade Ideas applications on a periodic basis (typically quarterly). A Trade Ideas Test Drive offers 1-2 weeks of Premium subscription access for a small fee (Typically $11.11). To get notified about the next Trade Ideas TEST DRIVE event click the link.

Trade Ideas discount code

If you are interested in signing up for a trade ideas subscription. Trade Ideas has offered my readers a 15% Trade Ideas discount for anyone that signs up for a subscription using the discount code: TRADAPROMO

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