How to get TradingView real time data

In this post I’ll explain all you need to know about Tradingview real time data: Including what data is included with all Tradingview plans. How to find what exchange data a market users. How to determine if data is delayed. How to access OFFICIAL real time data and how much does official exchange real time data cost.

Is Tradingview data real time?

It depends on the financial market being traded. None of the TradingView plans include FREE OFFICIAL real time data. By default, (if available) free ALTERNATIVE exchange data is used. If no ALTERNATIVE exchange is available, delayed OFFICIAL exchange data is used. The amount of TradingView data feed delay depends on the individual instrument.

OFFICIAL Real time data needs to be purchased separately. It is only available to purchase with the Tradingview Essential, Plus or Premium plans and the cost will depend on the instrument or exchange you want to trade (see ‘How much is Tradingview real time data’ section below).

Free ‘ALTERNATIVE’ exchange real time data is available for some markets only. ALTERNATIVE exchange real time data is available with paid plans only. For Tradingview Basic plan users ALTERNATIVE exchange data is updated every few seconds.

For more information about OFFICIAL versus ALTERNATIVE exchange data. See the ‘Tradingview delayed data versus Alternative exchange data’ section below.

OFFICIAL versus ALTERNATIVE exchange data

Tradingview sources data from multiple exchanges.

Specific instruments are traded on specific exchanges. Some instruments are tradeable on their OFFICIAL exchange and an ALTERNATIVE exchange(s).

OFFICIAL exchanges oversee all clearing and settlement of trades. Typically, have the highest liquidity.

ALTERNATIVE exchanges offer an alternative trading platform to official exchanges. Trading volume on these exchanges is often significantly smaller than the equivalent official exchange trading volume. Therefore deviations from from official exchange quotes can occur.

ALTERNATIVE exchange data offers access to more cost effective real time data than their official exchange counterpart.

Examples of official and alternative exchanges are the NASDAQ (OFFICIAL) and CBOE One (ALTERNATIVE).

Can you get OFFICIAL real time data on TradingView?

Yes, Tradingview provides access to real time data for a variety of financial markets, including: US and Global stocks markets, Indices, Forex, Futures, Cryptocurrencies markets and more.

  • ALL OFFICIAL real time data needs to be purchased separately. See sections below for how to purchase official real time data.
  • TradingView does NOT provide FREE OFFICIAL real-time data (unless the data is offered free by an exchange – a good example is crypto exchanges). 
  • Markets that only have official exchange data available will have a delay. Typically between 15-20min depending on the exchange.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Official real-time data feed can only be acquired by Paid plan users through purchasing access to the exchange. Basic/free plan users cannot acquire real-time data feeds unless the plan is upgraded. 

Signup for a Essential, Plus+ or Premium TradingView subscription using the link. *New users get $15 towards a new plan.

How much is TradingView Data Feed delayed?

It depends on the market exchange. If you purchase OFFICIAL real time data there is no delay. If you use the default Tradingview data options, the data feed delay depends on the individual market and your Tradingview subscription.

  1. Purchased OFFICIAL real time data has no delay
  2. Unofficial ‘Alternative’ exchange data with the Basic free Tradingview plan updates once every few seconds.
  3. For Tradingview Essential, Plus and Premium plans ‘Alternative’ exchange data updates faster if trades are occurring – Real time but this data may be slightly different from official data.
  4. If no Alternative exchange data is available then official exchange data is used and is delayed typically between 15-20 minutes.

TradingView denotes the different delays and data sources using the symbols D (OFFICIAL Data Delay) or (Alternative exchange data). I’ll discuss this more in the next section.

How to find Tradingview data delays

To find out the Tradingview data source and delay. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to a chart of the instrument of your choice.

Step 2: Hover on the D symbol or sign at the top of the chart. Located to the right of the security name. 

Step 3: Click on either of these two symbols to reveal more information. The examples below show the difference between the D and symbols

Securities marked with the D symbol are those that are delayed. In the DAX example, the data is said to be delayed by 15 minutes. The message indicates the exchange to purchase OFFICIAL real time data. 

The symbol indicates UNOFFICIAL alternative exchange data. For Tradingview basic plan user. The delay will be a few seconds. For Tradingview Essential, Plus or Premium users the data is real time ALTERNATIVE exchange data (In this example Cboe One exchange data). As I discussed earlier this data may be slightly different from the OFFICIAL NASDAQ exchange data.

If you would like OFFICIAL real-time data feed for a certain security/exchange, please refer to the following section. 

How to get TradingView Real Time Data (OFFICIAL exchange)

To get access to OFFICIAL exchange real time data you will need either a Essential, Plus or Premium Tradingview plan.

If you don’t already have an upgraded plan click the link below and signup for either a trial plan or membership.

Signup for a Essential, Plus+ or Premium TradingView subscription using the link. *New users get $15 towards a new plan.

Once you have an upgraded Tradingview plan, follow the guide below to get setup with your real time data feed: 

Step 1: At the top of the chart click on the D or symbol

A pop-up window should appear 

Step 2: Select Learn More 

Click the learn more link at the bottom of the popup window

Here you will either be:

  • For D symbol you’ll be Prompted to upgrade to real time data – In this case, select ‘upgrade now’ to be directed to the data purchase page. Skip to step 5 below.


  • For symbol you’ll be Directed to the Help Center – Here you will find information about the exchange data related to the instrument. Take note of the official exchange listed in this popup window. Then either click the ‘buy real time data’ or ‘additional real-time data packages’ link at the bottom of this help centre window or click this link to directed to the Available markets page.
Help Center article explaining ALTERNATIVE CBOE BZX exchange data versus OFFICIAL exchange counterparts

Step 3: Find the exchange – In the Available Markets section you’ll find a full list of all the available exchanges and exchange data that can be purchased.

To learn more about the fee/pricing of each exchange/instrument, click the button of the region to which it is located in.  

Step 4: Once you’ve found the exchange for the instrument/s you are interested in, click Subscribe to Real-Time Markets button located directly below the exchange information. You’ll then be directed to the payment page


Step 5: Select Billing Cycle – Users can either choose One Year or Monthly billings

Step 6: Select Market data – Here you can select either an exchange bundle (for example: US Stock Markets) or select a single exchange. Tick the box beside the name of the exchange of interest. Then check the total bill on the right of the screen > Click Next 

Step 7: Fill out payment and billing address then Click Subscribe after filling out all required fields.

Great! Your data package will now be added to your Tradingview subscription and you will have access to real time exchange data within Tradingview!

TradingView Data Feed Options

Tradingview offers access to a huge range of exchange data feed options. Tradingview offers access to all major exchanges for US and Global stocks, futures, forex and cryptocurrencies.

To view all the available exchange data options available on Tradingview checkout the the ‘Available Markets‘ section on the Tradingview website.

How to find the OFFICIAL exchange data of a security in Tradingview

To find the OFFICIAL exchange of any security, at the top of any chart click on either the D or symbols. In the drop down menu beside the relevant symbol will be listed the OFFICIAL exchange to which the security is traded. For example underlined below is JPM’s official exchange: NYSE.

To purchase data follow the steps in the ‘How to get TradingView Real Time Data’ section above.

How to identify tradingview data exchange
Official data for the JPM instrument comes from the NYSE exchange.

How much is Tradingview real time data

Tradingview real time data costs vary depending on the market exchange. Exchange data fees range from $2-10 USD per month. Exchange data can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis.

  • Monthly exchange data costs are typically not expensive and certainly worth the investment.
  • There’s no discount for purchasing data on a annual basis.
  • If you trade US stocks then purchasing a ‘US Stock Markets Data bundle’ is the best value option.

To find out ALL the Tradingview real time data costs for various exchanges checkout this link.

TradingView Data Feed via a Brokerage Account

You may already be paying or have access to OFFICIAL real time data via your existing broker. If so you maybe able to integrate this data feed into your Tradingview account.

TradingView has the ability through its proprietary API to integrate data feeds from brokerages to the Tradingview platform. The API creates a bridge between the platform and the brokers’ backend systems.

To date TradingView has partnered with a good selection of brokerages. Before purchasing a data package via Tradingview first check if your broker is partnered with Tradingview. You may already have access to OFFICIAL real time data via your broker.

To find out whether your broker is integrated with TradingView or you want to consider switching brokers to one partnered with Tradingview, then check out this post for an up to date list of Tradingview Brokers.

If you are interested in integrating your brokerage account with Tradingview you’re going to need an upgraded Tradingview plan for live trading. If you don’t already have a Tradingview plan checkout the signup deal below.

Signup for a Essential, Plus+ or Premium TradingView subscription using the link. *New users get $15 towards a new plan.

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